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State waives processing fees on online vehicle renewals for one year

TOPEKA – Kansans looking to save time and gas by eliminating a visit to a county treasurer’s office can now take advantage of the state’s convenient online option for renewing vehicle tags without credit card or electronic check processing fees.

“With so many people today using their computers, tablets, and cell phones to do everything from shopping to sharing photos, we want to make sure they also know they can conveniently renew vehicle registrations from the comfort of home,” Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite said.

Most people have three options for renewing their tags. They can visit their county treasurers, renew by mail, or renew online.

The online renewal option is available to 1) anyone whose vehicle is registered in Kansas, 2) whose address on the renewal is current, and 3) who has vehicle insurance as required by law.

The online service requires a personal identification number (PIN), which is printed on the registration renewal notices Kansans receive in the mail.

About the Treasurer’s Office

The Cowley County Treasurer’s primary function of collecting real estate, personal property, intangible and motor vehicle taxes, special assessments, and other miscellaneous taxes for Cowley County, cities, townships, school districts, and other taxing jurisdictions. The Treasurer apportions and distributes such revenue to local taxing units. In addition, the Treasurer performs the function of a bank for all revenue-generating County departments.

The County Treasurer is elected to a four year term in the year of a Presidential Election. The term begins in October after the general election.

Motor Vehicle Tags

Visit the Motor Vehicle Tags page for more information about how the Treasurer’s Office handles tags and tag payments, or to renew your tags online.

Vehicle Inspection Fees

Effective July 1, 2012 inspection fees for all out-of-state titles for used vehicles and Kansas non-highway vehicles will be $20.00 (cash preferred).  Inspection fee for salvage vehicles will be $25.00 (cash preferred).

To register your new vehicle purchase you now have 60 days from the date of the transaction instead of 30 days as of July 1, 2012 to bring the title to the treasurer’s office .

Requirements for Registration Renewals and Title Work

Kansas driver’s licenses now required for registration renewals and title work. See the Motor Vehicle Tag page for details.

Tax Information

Visit the Tax Information page for more about the role the Treasurer’s Office plays in tax payment, to perform a tax search, or to pay your taxes online.