Your Gateway to Cowley County

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New EMERGENCY Alert System

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Introducing  COWLEY ALERTS,  Cowley County’s New Emergency Alert System


COWLEY ALERTS is a free mass notification system designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to residents.  It is used to ensure you receive alerts immediately and know when to take action to keep yourself and your family safe.

The types of alerts that you can receive are:

Weather-related events such as tornados, severe thunderstorms, or flash floods.

Man-made disasters such as chemical, biological, explosive or radiological events.

Significant fire events such as industrial, wildland or urban incidents.

You can choose how you receive a notification, via any combination of a home phone, email address, or a text on your cell phone.

If you are interested in signing up to receive the alerts, click here Cowley Alerts sign-up.

Cowley County Adopted 2017 Fiscal Year Budget

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The County Commission adopted the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget On July 26, 2016 after a public hearing was held to discuss the budget. The County Administrator puts together the budget recommendation that goes to the County Commission for their consideration. The County Commission held budget hearings with each County Department throughout the month of July and held a public hearing.

The documents provided below are of the recommended Budget given to the County Commission. We will update these forms with actual expenses from 2016 once this year is over. For now, please use the links below to find out more information about the FY 2017 Adopted Budget. The County Commission made no changes from this recommendation.

Please click below to review the presentation given by the County Administrator to the County Commission.
2017 Recommended Budget Presentation

The proposed budget is broken down into several sections. Please click on the blue hyperlink to access that section of the budget.


Executive Summary
Contains the County Administrator’s Policy Message which highlights several significant policy issues that have affected the development of the budget. We have made some changes to this section so that the Goals and Values established by the County Commission are now linked to the operational objectives established by each Department so that the reader can gain an understanding of how each department is working to achieve the goals and maintain the values expressed by the County Commission.


County Profile
Contains information about Cowley County and our workforce.


Budget Structure and Policies
Contains the various policies and the time line used to develop the budget.


Budget Summary
Contains charts and graphs to assist the reader in understanding the trends, issues and circumstances relevant to all of the appropriated funds and also displays a fund overview with beginning and ending Fund Balances.


Budget By Fund
Provides a two page overview of every budgeted fund within the County.


Revenue Summary
Provides analysis of the 16 top revenue categories the County receives and summarizes the remaining 6% of lesser revenue streams.
The Department Overview section is an operations guide that outlines the significant changes at the service levels and highlights any changes in positions or budget changes due to cutbacks. This section also links the departmental objectives to the County Commission goals and values statements.

a. County Commission
b. Non Departmental
c. County Administration
d. County Coroner
e. Emergency Communications
f. County Counselor
g. Facility Management
h. County Clerk
i. County Treasurer
j. Register of Deeds
k. County Attorney
l. District Court
m. Emergency Management
n. Management and Geographic Information Systems
o. County Sheriff
p. County Jail
q. County Appraiser
r. Public Works
s. Cowley First
t. Community Corrections
u. Juvenile Services


Contains the Kansas state tax forms, information on non budgeted funds, and a glossary of terms used throughout the document.


We hope you find our budget document informative. If you have any questions, please contact the County Administrator.

USD 462 Bond Election Official Results

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USD 462 Bond Election Final Results

Special Election Ark City Sales Tax Official Final Results

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Final Results Ark City Mail Ballot Election

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Effective January 1, 2013, any person registering to vote in Kansas for the first time is required to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship. Please note: Any person not currently registered in Kansas must provide evidence of U.S. citizenship when registering. This requirement does not affect voters changing their current Kansas registration.

If you do not provide a citizenship document when you complete your voter registration application,   you must submit it to the county election office. You may submit it by mail, hand delivery, email:   or a photo of the document can be texted to (620) 218-5557.

To register to vote, or to change your registration: 

Online Voter Registration (Requires a valid Kansas ID)


Print a Voter Registration Application, complete all information, sign and send it to the election office.

Applications may be hand delivered or mailed to Cowley County Election Office 321 E. 10th Ave.

Winfield,  KS  67156 or scanned and emailed to

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