19th Judicial District Court


***   UPDATED 04-01-2020   ***



The Cowley County Courthouse will be closed to the public effective April 1, 2020 at 5:00 P.M.  The Arkansas City building that houses the District Court (Arkansas City location) is also closed to the public.  Because of this, individuals who need to file a Protection From Abuse or Protection From Stalking or Sexual Assault petition will not have access to the courthouses.  In order to provide continued access to the courts for this process, packets of forms and instructions for completing the forms have been left at the lobby of both the Winfield and Arkansas City Police Departments.  Individuals who complete the packet should call the District Court Office at 620-221-5470 (Winfield) or 620-441-4521 (Arkansas City). The court clerk on duty will provide additional instructions. Or, they may leave the packet with individuals at the Police Department who will make arrangements for the court to receive the packet of completed Petition and forms.  Forms may also be accessed online at www.kscourts.org/public/find-a-form.

About District Court


The 19th Judicial District is comprised of Cowley County. Cowley County has two court locations. The court location in Winfield is in the Cowley County Courthouse, located at 311 E. 9th, Winfield, Kansas. Our second court is located on the second floor of the City of Arkansas City municipal building located at 1st and Central Street in Arkansas City, Kansas. Generally cases that end in the letter “W” are heard in Winfield and cases that end in the letter ”A” are heard in Arkansas City. There are a few exceptions to this rule as cases are occasionally transferred between the judges due to possible conflicts of interest or to help manage a judge’s work load.


All jury trials are held in the main courthouse in Winfield. All limited actions cases are to be filed in the District Court in Winfield. The court in Winfield and the court in Arkansas City each hear traffic, criminal, probate, small claims, juvenile, child in need of care, protection from abuse/stalking and general civil cases. All Domestic cases are filed in Winfield and heard in Winfield. Marriage licenses may be obtained in the clerk’s office in Winfield or Arkansas City.

Supreme Court Rule 123

Effective July 1st, 2005 the Kansas Supreme Court Rule 123 requires a standard cover sheet on all new cases filed in Kansas. Please see the links below for SC Rule 123 and the sample coversheets. The Adobe (PDF) versions of the cover sheets are forms that allow for completion once downloaded.

Local Rules for Cowley County District Court,  19th Judicial District of Kansas

Domestic Cases

All original actions for divorce or separate maintenance shall be filed in the Cowley County District Court Clerk’s Office in Winfield.  Unless otherwise noted, these cases are assigned to the Honorable Judge LaDonna Lanning, Division 3.

Post or Pretrial Motions in existing Domestic Cases should also be filed in Winfield, even if the case was originally filed in the District Court in Arkansas City.  These cases are also assigned to the Honorable LaDonna Lanning, Division 3.

Notice hearing dates for Domestic Cases can be obtained by contacting the Domestic Clerk in the Court Clerk’s Office in Winfield, 620-221-5470.

 Winfield Limited Actions Docket

Answer hearings are at 10:00 A.M.

Hearings in Aid of Execution and Contempt’s are at 1:30 P.M.

Please schedule court date at least 5 weeks from date of issuing summons/orders in order to allow ample time for service.

The Limited Actions Docket will be posted by 3:00 PM on Friday preceding the Monday Limited Actions date.

Winfield Limited Actions Hearing Dates

March 30th, 2020                  ———–  10:00 A.M.

NO April Date                   ———–  10:00 A.M.

May 18th, 2020                      ———–  10:00 A.M.




Chief Judge Hon Nicholas St. Peter’s Dockets

—–  —–, 2020 —– —–, 2020

District Court Judge Christopher E. Smith’s Dockets

—– —– 2020  —– —–, 2020

District Court Judge LaDonna Lanning’s Dockets

—– —–, 2020
—– —–, 2020

Interactive Whiteboards by PolyVision

 WARNING In an effort to improve transparency and to make information available to the public we have posted the docket for each Division of the 19th Judicial District. These dockets are posted at approximately 9:00 a.m. the morning prior to the day of the docket.  Please be aware that the posted docket may not be the final expression of the judge’s docket for that day as cases may be added or deleted from the docket up until the time of court. The names of litigants in cases that have been sealed by the court or are confidential under state law will not appear on the docket. If you have a case pending, and have a question about the docket you should contact your attorney or the clerk’s office.
Cases for Division 1, Judge Nicholas St. Peter and Division 3, Judge LaDonna Lanning, are conducted at the courthouse in Winfield located at 311 East 9
th. Cases for Division 2, Judge Christopher Smith, are held at the courthouse in Arkansas City, located on the top floor of the city building for Arkansas City, 118 West Central.          

District Court Judges

Chief Judge

Hon Nicholas St. Peter, Division # 1

Presides over cases in Winfield, with an office located in Winfield.

District Court Judge

Hon Christopher E. Smith, Division # 2

Presiding Judge in the District Court in Arkansas City, with an office located in Arkansas City.

District Court Judge

Hon LaDonna Lanning, Division # 3

Presiding Judge in the District Court in Winfield, with an office located in Winfield.

District Court Staff

Chief Clerk

Cheryl Wilson

The Court Clerk’s office is located in the main courthouse in Winfield. Deputy Court clerks are located at both Winfield and Arkansas City.

Chief Court Services Officer

Dan Smith