The Appraiser's Office is responsible to discover, list and value all taxable property located in the county.

Cowley County appraisal staff are slowly beginning to resume some modified field activities. Over the coming weeks you may see staff out and about as we slowly phase this process back in according to recommended guidelines. The review area for 2020 will be primary located within the Winfield city limits. In most cases, we will be only updating photographs on records that we have digitally reviewed in the office. In these cases, to limit the possibility of potential COVID spread, we will NOT be making contact with property owners. There are a limited number of properties that will require us to physically check data and measurements. In these cases, we will attempt to make contact by knocking on doors and if there is not someone present we will leave a green door hanger. Staff will be required to wear masks when making contact with property owners. Eventually, we will also be reviewing properties that have sold or have new construction in other parts of the county. As always, if you have questions or concerns about your property, please contact the office and we will be happy to assist you. 


The assessment process is the basis for developing property values and is the tool for equalizing the distribution of the tax burden. Remember that the county appraiser's office does not determine taxes. The amount of taxes you pay depends on the budgets set by our governing bodies such as the state, county, hospitals, and schools to pay for roads, fire, and police protection, recreational facilities, and other local services. You can play an effective role in this process if you know your rights, understand the remedies available to you, and fulfill your responsibilities as a property owner and taxpayer.


The assessment process involves setting standards for fair and equitable values, discovering and listing information about properties, and determining property values. Values are then analyzed to ensure they meet the standards of fair assessment, and then certifying the total valuation of the county to the county clerk.

The Taxpayer

As a property owner and taxpayer, you have specific rights and responsibilities in the assessment process:

  • You have the right to examine the appraiser's property records and verify that the property you own is listed and described correctly on the tax records.

  • If you disagree with your property value, you may file an appeal with the appraiser.

  • You have the responsibility to provide accurate information to the appraiser about property you own. 

Forms and Documents

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Request a Printed Map

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