E-Community Loan Program

Cowley First offers to sources of funding for Cowley County businesses loans: E-Community and Revolving Loan Fund.

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is for small business loans, generally ranging from $3,000 – $8,000. These can be for purchase of equipment, upgrades, renovations or special business projects. A business plan is needed with the application, as well as a financial plan to show repayment. 

About the Program

The Cowley County E-Community loan fund was established through 2007 Kansas Entrepreneurship Tax Credits awarded to Cowley First by the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship (dba NetWork Kansas).

Funds may be used as seed capital for a new business startup or the expansion or restructuring of an existing business.  Businesses may request up to $45,000 from the Cowley County E-Community Loan Program. In addition to the Cowley County E-Community Loan Program funds, each business will also be required to obtain approval for a 40% matching loan from another NetWork Kansas eligible partner or other lender as a requirement of NetWork Kansas and the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship.

Preference will be given to projects that create quality jobs paying above the average wage for Cowley County, or those that will have an increased economic benefit to the county through increased employment, sales, tax base, and diversification of the economy by businesses that sell goods outside of Cowley County, thereby introducing additional flow of commerce into the local economy.

Application Process

Cowley County E-Community Fund applicants will complete the SCKEDD Loan Application (SCKEDD-South Central Kansas Economic Development District). In addition, applicants will be asked to submit a business plan with three year financial and job projections and other supporting documents as required. The application can be obtained at www.sckedd.org. If the applicant is purchasing an existing business, the previous three year’s financial statements must be submitted along with all of the above. Upon submission of the required application, business plan and any other documents requested, SCKEDD will work with the Cowley County E-Community Board for final review.

Scoring Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the Board on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant presents a comprehensive, complete and quality business plan.
  2. Project demonstrates the applicant’s need for funding versus conventional financing methods.
  3. Project demonstrates the capacity for increased sales and sales growth.
  4. Project will enhance local economy through value-added products or services that will introduce new dollars to the local economy.
  5. Project includes employment growth and creation of quality of jobs consistent the average wage for the business’ sector in Cowley County.
  6. Project increases the export of goods or services outside of the county, thereby growing and diversifying the local economy by increasing the flow of dollars in Cowley County.
  7. Applicant provides an overall description of how the funds will be utilized to increase capacity, add resources, enable the business to add jobs, increase tax revenue and/or improve the quality of life to Cowley County.
  8. Applicant demonstrates a willingness to obtain ongoing technical training and assistance in areas that will improve the sustainability of the business.

Scores will be based on overall score on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest and 1 the lowest based on the applications ability to successfully meet criteria. The average total score will be calculated will be determined on the project by the E-Community Board.


Applicants with questions or who require assistance with completion of any part of the application, contact us:

Cowley First – Cowley County Economic Development Partnership
Kerri Falletti, CEcD

Cowley County Courthouse

311 E. 9th
Winfield, KS 67156
Contact us by E-Mail

Winfield: (620) 221-9951
Arkansas City: (620) 442-3094

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