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Workshop-Are You a Hobby or Business…and Making the Transition

Cowley First-Cowley County Economic Development has scheduled a new workshop directed towards hobbyists, small business owners and those wanting to start a small business. The workshop will be held June 8, 2017 at Tisdale United Methodist Church, 17507 US Hwy 160 from 9:00 am. to 4:00 p.m. Cost for the workshop and lunch is only $10 payable at the class.

Many people have cottage businesses or what we sometimes think of as “a business on the side”. Maybe you have a passion for baking, refurnishing furniture, selling vegetables at the Farmer’s Market or grooming your friends’ pets. Whatever your talent or interest, you may have struggled with the idea of becoming a “legitimate” business.

This workshop is designed to help people make that leap of faith and take their talents and passions to the next level of starting a business. For some people the fear of not knowing what are the correct things to do in the eyes of the IRS and Kansas Department of Revenue stops them from hanging up the business sign and telling the world that they are open for business. For others they are quite content doing it as a hobby, but even hobbyists has taxing responsibilities when selling a product, which will also be covered at the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to help you understand the difference and requirements for a hobbyist and a formally organized business. So if you are selling a product or service, this workshop will be of great help so you know what the correct things to do are and what not to do. Instructors will also tell you how to make the transition from a hobby to a business if that is your desire.

If you currently have a small business or wanting to start one, this workshop will also be helpful to you as instructors will lead you through the different types of businesses, what you need to do to start a business and will delve into the intricate subject of sales taxes.

Instructors Ross Hirst and Carl York are there for the sole purpose to help you maneuver through these processes and answer your business questions regarding Federal and State requirements and law. The morning will be spent on numerous federal issues including forming a business and obtaining EIN and Federal Tax numbers. Carl York will spend the afternoon covering sales tax issues including making sales tax exempt purchases for the goods you purchase to make your products and who has to collect sales tax when selling products and goods. Plenty of time will be allowed for questions from the attendees and opportunities to speak to the instructor one-on-one as well.

Cowley First is organizing this workshop to help entrepreneurs who have unanswered questions which may have stopped them from taking the steps to become a business. We want to offer to help people overcome these anxieties so they can fulfill their dreams of having a business. This workshop is a great first step.

To register for this one-of-a kind workshop, call Deb Firebaugh at Cowley First (620) 221-9951 or email dfirebaugh@cowleycounty.org.

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