Cowley County VOAD

The Cowley County VOAD is a forum for organizations to share knowledge and resources before, during and after a disaster or an emergency.

Mission: To bring together Cowley County voluntary organizations to assist the residents of Cowley County in the event of a disaster. The VOAD will strive to coordinate services and reduce the duplication of services to Cowley County residents.

Purposes of the Cowley County VOAD:

  • Create a climate of cooperation at all levels
  • Disseminate information through meetings
  • Evaluate disaster responses and recommend improvements for coordinated efforts
  • Provide training in disaster prepared to member organizations
  • Convene during disasters to discuss and coordinate short term and long term recovery efforts and also fill unmet needs of those affected by the disaster.

Organizations Involved in the Cowley County VOAD:

If your organization would like to become a part of the Cowley County VOAD, please contact the Emergency Management Office at (620) 221-0470 or by email: