Vision 20/20

Vision Statement

vision 2020Our Shared Vision: Cowley County in 2020 has been developed to show what citizens plan for Cowley County to look and feel like in the year 2020.

From the statement: From the soothing charm of the Flint Hills to the buzz of commerce and culture in our towns and cities, Cowley County boasts abundant life and attraction. We are rural and small town, but not small in thought and action. We value closeness and connectedness. We see economic and cultural possibilities spreading all across our corner of the Great American Prairie. Education, music, and the arts enrich our lives – lives bound by family, community, and a commitment to opportunity and inclusion.

Vision 20/20- Cowley County Community Strategic Plan 2010 Renewal

Download the 2010 Strategic Plan Renewal

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan for Vision 20/20 has been adopted by Cowley First. The work of many volunteers and task force members has gone into the next step of developing this plan for the vision for all of Cowley County. Here, you can read and review all the goals with objectives and action plans. If you have any comments or would like to become a volunteer, please let us know.

Select a focus area for specific strategies and objectives:

Vision 20/20 Factsheet

The Vision 20/20 Fact Sheet will explain:

  •     1. What is Community Visioning?
  •     2. How Does Community visioning Work?
  •     3. Who is Sponsoring Vision 20/20?
  •     4. What Are the Benefits of Visioning?
  •     5. How Can I Get Involved?

The Cowley County Community Plan

The strategy statements for the Cowley County Community Plan have been adopted by the Cowley First Advisory Committee.  In this first step of identifying strategy statements, for purposes of organizing resources and initiating action for the future, our five year plan is organized around five broad community interests: People, Economy, Place, Health and Culture.  Strategies in each area are preceded by ideas and concerns we heard from the community. Many strategies in these five areas are closely interrelated, and their implementation will require extensive collaborative action. (May 2006)

As sponsors of 20/20 Community Visioning, members of Cowley First have listened to the community. The themes our community widely agrees upon have become the main points of our plan.  Many of the community’s ideas about how we can achieve our dreams are reflected in the plan’s detail.  More ideas will surely be discovered along the way.

The members of the Vision 20/20 Task Force have been privileged to work on this document. We sense that history is being made, and we hope that our purposeful attempts to include many voices in the planning will lead to many voices being part of the activity to come.