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Personal Property Worksheets are due to the Appraisers Office March 15th, 2019
If you have questions please call 620-221-5430

5/30/2018 Wednesday Sheriff Log

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5/30/2018 Wednesday Sheriff Log

Commission Agenda 3/20/2018

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Commission Agenda 3-20-2018

Community Corrections Advisory Board Meeting

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The meeting will take place at the Community Corrections Building on February 22nd at 5:00 pm. The public is invited to attend.

2-5-2018 Monday Sheriffs Log

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02052018 Monday Sheriffs Log


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Upcoming Signing Project

Cowley County is requesting an expression of interest from engineering consulting firms for preliminary and construction engineering services on a systemic signing improvement project on major collector routes. The selected firm will perform analysis work to determine proper sign placement using engineering principles. Plans will be developed by the firm to implement improvements to regulatory and warning signs on various County roads using State and Federal requirements. Inspection during construction is anticipated to be a part of the services provided. This is a KDOT project that will be funded by KDOT under Project 18 C-4890-01. The selected consulting firm will enter into a three party agreement for services with KDOT and Cowley County. If your firm is interested in submitting a Letter of Interest and a Statement of Qualifications contact the Cowley County Public Works and Engineers Office (see below). A packet of information will then be provided that provides further details including the project location and a list of services to be performed. The purpose of this ad is to determine if you wish to be considered. If your firm is interested in being considered for this you must mail a one page letter of interest to the County office address below. The letter of interest must be received by August 25th, 2017.

Cowley County Engineers Office
311 E 9th Ave – PO Box 464
Winfield, KS 67156
Phone 620/221-5425



Jail Nurse Position

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The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office is seeking Registered Nurse applicants for the position of Jail Nurse.  This position will be required to provide direct and individualized nursing care to the correctional-facility based on the application of scientific nursing principles. In addition to general nursing care, responsibilities of Jail Nurse include (but are not limited to):


Collaboration with primary care providers and other health care providers to ensure continuity, timeliness and appropriateness of care to inmate patients.

Coordinates, verifies, orders and administers medication, therapeutic agents and treatments to inmate patients.

Assists physicians with medical treatments

Coordinates all medical related billings and charges for inmate medications and treatments.

Applies surgical dressings & bandages as well as provide other emergency first aid care

Checks & records vital signs

Obtains specimens from inmate patients for diagnostic testing

Reports reactions to treatments and medications, as well as changes in the inmates’ emotional or physical condition

Provides inmate patient education and/or discharge planning

Records all care information concisely, in a timely manner, in the Report Management System.

Completes required orientation as directed by facility

Follows facility and OSHA safety rules and procedures

Respects cultural and religious practices of inmates

Upholds HIPAA regulations

Punctual and dependent for assigned shift


Position Qualifications

Graduate of an accredited RN program

Current RN license, in good standing with the State licensing board

Minimum of two (2) years RN experience

Cognitive skills as related to the position


Preferred Qualifications

Five or more years of RN experience

Previous experience in a corrections facility

Previous RN experience in a corrections facility


Those who do well in this field have excellent critical thinking and assessment skills, are able to make decisions independently and have solid interpersonal skills. They also have to be assertive, empathetic and able to provide care objectively when serving this special population.


Working Conditions

Because inmate patients need round-the-clock care, nurses will be subject to call. Corrections Nurses may face hazards from exposure to chemicals and infectious diseases. In addition, nurses in this position must have and maintain sufficient strength, agility and endurance to perform during physical, mental, and emotional situations encountered on

the job without compromising their health and well-being.  Nurses working in correctional facilities must accept that the fundamental mission of a correctional facility is first and foremost public safety and security.  While the delivery of healthcare is an important component of the institutional program, it is not the primary reason that the facility exists.

Commission Meeting Minutes

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The minutes are taken by the County Clerk and once approved by the Board they are placed on the web site for public access as submitted. We are not responsible for errors on this web page.

Physical copies of Commission Meeting Minutes are located at:

Clerks Office
Cowley County Courthouse
321 East 10th Winfield, KS 67156

PDF Reader

The files on this page require an application that can read Portable Document Files (PDF)s, such as Adobe Reader.

Minutes from Previous Years

2001/2002 Partial 2003 Minutes 2004 Minutes 2005 Minutes  
2006 Minutes 2007 Minutes 2008 Minutes 2009 Minutes  
2010 Minutes 2011 Minutes  2012 Minutes  2013 Minutes
 2014 Minutes  2015 Minutes  2016 Minutes

1-17-17 Commission Meeting Minutes

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Comm Meeting Minutes 01-17-17

Committee People

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