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*You Should Allow 10 Days for Processing and Receiving your Vehicle Decals utilizing E-Tags

Kansas Driver’s Licenses Required for Registration Renewal/Title Work

As of July 1, 2009 the treasurer’s office will require you to present a Kansas driver’s license for your registration renewals and title work.  We will be required to enter the person’s name as it is on the driver’s license, no matter how the name is filled out on the back of the title.  We will also require a license for renewing your vehicle.  If you mail your renewal in, we must have a driver’s license copy along with your insurance copy.  After we enter the information in the computer, we shred the driver’s license copy.  Once it is entered into the system on the computer, the treasurer’s office will no longer have access to your driver’s license number.  If your name is on a registration or title and you do not have a driver’s license, you will need to have a photo Id.  Photo Id’s may be attained at the driver’s license office located in Strother Field.  We cannot accept out of state driver’s licenses or foreign country licenses.  If there are multiple names on the renewal or title we have to have information on each name.  We will not require you to change names as they are read on old titles, only new purchases as of July 1.

Renewal Information

The Cowley County Treasurer’s Office is an agent for the State of Kansas for registering and titling motor vehicles. We issue license plates upon receipt of proper documentation and submission of the correct fees. The fees include registration fees, personal property taxes, title fees and sales tax, if applicable. Each year the State sends out courtesy reminders six (6) weeks prior to the expiration date of the license plate. It is a state law that every vehicle has proper insurance coverage before the vehicle can be registered. We handle the initial titling of vehicles in Cowley County as well as the annual renewals. Once a vehicle is purchased, the new owner has 60 days in which to bring their documentation into our office to be processed. If the purchase is on an out-of-state title, then the owner of the vehicle needs to have a vehicle identification inspection completed.

License Plate/Tag Renewal

First Letter of Last Name Tag Expires at Midnight on:
A  February 28 (or 29)
B  March 31
C – D  April 30
E – F- G  May 31
H – I  June 30
J – K – L  July 31
M – N – O  August 31
P – Q – R  September 30
S  October 31
T – V – W  November 30
U – X – Y – Z  December 31

Vehicle Identification Inspection

Effective February 3rd, 2008, VIN inspections will be conducted in Winfield only on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at 800 Millington in the parking lot across from the Winfield Police Station.

Vehicle Inspection Fees

Effective July 1, 2012 inspection fees for all out-of-state titles for used vehicles and Kansas non-highway vehicles will be $20.00 (cash preferred).  Inspection fee for salvage vehicles will be $25.00 (cash preferred).

Insurance Verification Information

On January 1, 2000, a new insurance verification law went into effect in Kansas. Acceptable “physical” proof of insurance includes the following:

  1. An insurance card issued by an insurance company;
  2. A policy of insurance;
  3. A binder of insurance (Valid for 30 days);
  4. A Motor Carrier identification number issued by the State Corporation Commission;
  5. A certificate of self insurance issued by an insurance commissioner;
  6. A fleet insurance card;
  7. For vehicles used in a driver’s education program, a dealership contract and a copy of a motor vehicle liability insurance policy issued to a school district or accredited nonpublic school

If renewing by mail, proof of insurance can be demonstrated by providing a photocopy of any of the items listed above.

The vehicle owner must certify that the applicant has and will maintain during the entire registration period, the required insurance or other financial security required by Kansas law.

Driver’s License Renewal


301 E. 9th Avenue
Winfield, KS 67156


8:00 AM – 4:45 PM
Monday through Friday



For more information about driver’s licenses and motor vehicles, visit the Kansas Department of Revenue.