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Road Closures

The following roads are currently closed:

  • 307th Road north of 32nd Road (culvert damage and fallen tree)
  • 26th Road (Cowley 2) west of Rock
  • 275th Road at both ends off 281st Road (Cowley 7)
  • East Chestnut Bridge to US 77 Bypass due to water damage
  • 41st Road in Beaver Township from 182nd Road to 192nd Road
  • 142nd Road between 101st and 111th
  • 11000 block of 31st Road
  • 51st and 122nd intersection
  • 31st between 12th and 22nd
  • 51st between 22nd and 32nd
  • 91st Road – 27000 block due to a sinkhole
  • 5th between 102nd and 112th
  • 312th between 91st and 107th


Last Updated 6/26/19 @  4:45pm

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