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Mobile Grocery Truck Survey


Anchor Market Survey

If you LIVE or WORK in or near one of these communities we invite you to complete the online survey regarding a mobile grocery story that will kick off this summer. Atlanta, Burden, Cambridge, Dexter, Rock or Udall.

Anchor Market has already purchased the customized mobile market trailer and will begin visiting communities in June. The ADA accessible mobile market will have refrigeration and freezer space so fresh produce, meats, dairy and frozen foods will be offered in addition to staple items.

In preparation of the mobile grocery service, Cowley First is seeking your input on behalf of Anchor Mobile Market to help determine who would shop at the mobile market and what day, times and locations/communities would best suite your shopping needs. We also want to pinpoint any barriers that need to be addressed to make shopping at the mobile market convenient for you.  In addition, your thoughts on what grocery items should offered by the mobile market will help determine the inventory.

It is very important to us to hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and concerns. We want to hear from you as your input is what will make this a successful project for Cowley County communities.

If you ever have any suggestions or concerns,  whether now while we are collecting surveys or later after the mobile truck begins serving the communities, we invite you to email us at Cowley First. We want to hear from you and work for you to make this a great experience and opportunity for you and your community.

Thank you for taking a moment to completing the online survey.

Cowley First-Cowley County Economic Development

Email: cowleyfirst@cowleycounty.org

Phone: (620) 221-9951


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