Maternal & Child Health (MCH)

Maternal Child Health (MCH) Program

Through MCH grants, local agencies increase access and participation in prenatal care services, increase first trimester enrollments in prenatal care services and facilitate access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal healthcare and follow-up services for the mother and infant up to one year post delivery.


Interventions provided through the MCH program emphasize the reduction of risks associated with poor pregnancy outcomes (such as premature labor/delivery, low birth weight and infant death) and improvement in quality of life for the mother, infant and family.  Reduction of risk interventions include:

  • Substance use/abuse
  • Late or no prenatal care
  • Environmental and psychosocial stressors
  • Nutritional needs
  • Family violence and abuse


Under the MCH grant, our agency utilizes services provided by the Healthy Start Home Visitor (HSHV) and MCH Health Educator.  The HSHV services are intended to increase knowledge, change beliefs and alter behaviors by increasing the number of women accessing early and comprehensive health care before, during and after pregnancy.  The goal of the Healthy Start Home Visitor is to help parents give their babies the healthiest start in life by utilizing and advising best practices.  The visits may take place in the clinic, hospitals and client homes.


The MCH Health Educator provides education and support to the community of Cowley County as it relates to health related risk factors to prevent chronic diseases and injuries.  The primary responsibility of the MCH Health Educator is to provide resources to the community coalition to carryout activities related to physical safety, physical activity, and nutrition, as well as other health related risk factors that may be identified through community needs assessment.  In addition, the MCH Health Educator also serves as the Cowley County Safe Kids Coordinator.

For more information on the MCH Program, please contact the City-Cowley County Health Department at 620-221-1430.