Local Environmental Protection Program

The City-Cowley County Health Department works to promote excellent health, prevent disease, and to protect the environment to benefit all our citizens.


As we continue to see empty shelves where toilet paper was once stocked, you may be inclined to use other options should the need arise. Please remember that flushing anything other than toilet paper (i.e. paper towels, Kleenex, baby wipes, etc) will clog the lines. They do not degrade as quickly and efficiently as toilet paper. If you have a lagoon or septic system, it poses a high risk of clogging your lines or system, resulting in costly repairs. 

 Environmental Health Responsibilities


The LEPP provides several services in the interest of maintaining the health of the community and the safety of its members, including:

  • Inspections of private water wells and on-site wastewater systems
  • Real Estate transfers
  • Environmental concerns
  • Environmental Lead assessment
  • Public water supply protection
  • Non-point source pollution
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Building Permits




Flooding is a real and inherent risk that we face every year in Cowley County. Linked below are packets of useful information on how to take care of yourself and your property when the high waters come.


Floodwater Safety

Floodwater Cleanup

Floodwater Cleanup – What can you do and when to call a professional

Waterborne Illness  Information and Prevention

Emergency Well Chlorination 

The Spread of Waterborne Illness

Lagoon Care 

Water Well Maintenance

EPA Information – Septic Systems

Flooded Well



Please review the links below to download the forms and request a Health Department inspection:

The Health Department also offers flood plain and FIRM information.

Private Well Water Screening

The City-Cowley County Health Department is equipped with the ability to perform private water screenings. This service can be commissioned by filling out the residential inspection form linked above and clearly indicating that only a water screening is required.


Public System Drinking Water Information

The state of Kansas provides  information about the safety of drinking water provided by public drinking water utilities in the state on a county by county basis. That information can be accessed here. If there is a specific piece of information that you are looking for,  or have trouble understanding the reports feel free to contact the health department for assistance.




Tanner Langer has been with the City-Cowley County Health Department since 2017.  He is our Environmental Specialist and is here to help with a variety of needs in our community.  He regularly attends training to keep his knowledge current and relevant.  He is happy to assist you with your inspections and permits.