Livestock, Off-Road Vehicle, Commercial, Agricultural, Theft, Electronic Network  

An online neighborhood watch program for rural populations & commercial Equipment in South Central Kansas

The Cowley county Sheriff’s Office would like to invite you to participate in the Livestock, Off-Road Vehicle, Commercial & Agriculture thefts Electronic Network (LOCATE).

The objective of the program is to efficiently get information regarding stolen farm equipment, livestock theft & recovery, commercial equipment and suspicious activities distributed to citizens living in or working in Cowley County.

The program will inform participants of suspicious activities and crime in their Neighborhood, Farming Community and Construction Sites through email and phone alerts.

Our objective is to quickly inform all participants of suspicious activities and crime in your neighborhood, farming community and construction sites!

You can register by completing the L.O.C.A.T.E form by clicking here   or you may call the Cowley County’s Sheriff’s Office at (620)221-5444 or (620)441-4555 with any questions you may have.