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Featuring the Cambridge Cabin

Cambridge Cabin 3 miles north on Cowley 7

Visit the Cambridge Log Cabin 3 miles north of Cambridge along Cowley 7, a reconstructed version of the log cabin that stood on the same land for generations.  Be sure to read the catchy signs along the roadside leading you to your destination.

Originally constructed in 1872, Doctor Wilkins and his family, including his brother Henry, lived in the cabin for several years as the doctor administered to the sick people in the area. The original 14 by 20 foot log cabin was constructed in three days by Henry and the Dock, as he was nick-named. Using a cross cut saw, an ax and logs from local trees to construct the dwelling, the pair then filled the cracks with a clay and mud mixture to fill the space between the logs.

 In later years the walls were lathed and plastered and an extra 12 by 16 foot room was added. The original foundation can still be seen at the cabin site. Also at the cabin site is the dugout used as a cellar but also served as living quarters for the family as the cabin was being constructed, according to local story.

In 2014, local residents reconstructed the cabin as it would have appeared in the 1800′s. The cabin is open to the public. Inside the cabin is information on the history of the structure and a guest book for visitors to sign.

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Historical information can be found at www.eccchistory.org.

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