CCEM Volunteers Purchase New Equipment

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September was National Preparedness Month. Hints and reminders were posted daily. As we slide into October, we want to share what the CCEM volunteer groups have done to ensure they are as well prepared as they can be.

CCEM Volunteers Purchase New Equipment

The Cowley County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Emergency Auxiliary (CCEA) volunteer groups have spent the past two years raising funds to purchase additional and replacement communication equipment. With the assistance of several anonymous donors through the Legacy Foundation and the fund raising projects, the groups were able to order their new equipment last month.

Whether out spotting storms, assisting with traffic control or conducting search and rescue operations, being in constant communication with each other and the command center is vital to the safety of the volunteer teams. For the last several years, the amount of available communication equipment has decreased due to age and the growth of the groups. Through the formation of a non-profit organization (CCERV, Inc.) by the combined emergency management volunteer groups, the effort to raise money for radios began in earnest.

CCEA, familiarly known as the storm spotters, was able to purchase five Public Service radios to replace several old radios and provide equipment to newly trained volunteers. CCEA members usually have mobile radios in their vehicles for wider range as they follow storms throughout the county. They use the hand held radios when out of their vehicles to assess damage or assist with traffic control.

The CERT volunteers were able to purchase eight radios with mics in addition to 10 Family Radio Service (FRS) radios. The FRS radios are used for work in smaller areas. Since volunteers work in teams with a designated team leader, they are able to communicate with the team leader by using the less expensive equipment. The team leader, in turn, is able to communicate with the command center through the use of the more powerful PS radio that is also compatible with law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel.

A number of the volunteers now hold ham radio licenses. When communication towers become inoperable and phone lines are down, the ham radio is often the only form of communication left. As a result, the volunteer groups are encouraging their members to take the course and get a license. CERT and CCEA purchase the manuals used in the course by their members. The only expense to the volunteer is the cost of the test.

Through additional fund raising, the groups hope to continue updating and expanding their communication equipment. They also want to increase the number of volunteers with a ham radio license and, possibly, add an inventory of ham radio equipment to the department. When working in emergency situations created either by nature or man, the safety of the volunteers is important and the best way to ensure their safety is through training and communication.

Anyone interested in additional information about the emergency volunteer groups can contact the office at 221-5469 or stop by 321 East 10th.


Weather Radio Beeping?

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Do you have the Midland model WR-120 weather radio? If so, are you having problems with it beeping for an unknown reason and don’t know what to do? If that you and you need help, click here to see if it solves your issue. If this does not, please do not hesitate to call us at (620) 221-0470 for assistance.

The Twelve Days of Preparedness

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Cowley County Emergency Management, in coordination with their volunteer groups (Emergency Auxiliary, CERT, CART and MRC), have created an emergency preparedness video. The song is a familiar tune from The 12 Days of Christmas, but delightfully titled, “The 12 Days of Preparedness”.

Thanks to the many individuals and agencies that volunteered their time, locations, knowledge and experience.


Emergency Management News

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Road Closures

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Road and Bridge has closed 2nd Road (Cowley/Butler line) from 321st Rd in Cowley Co to SE Summit Road in Butler Co for repair on a low water crossing. Repairs are expected to take two weeks to complete.

2nd Road Closure

The Fox and Pudden Bridges over Grouse Creek have been temporarily barricaded since being damaged in the flood last October. The Commissioners have reviewed repair/replacement estimates and have decided against taking any action on either bridge at this time. Therefore, the Road and Bridge Department will install permanent pipe-style barricades at each location in the next couple of weeks. All traffic will need to be rerouted around these locations.


Pudden Bridge - 6 miles southwest of Dexter on Grouse Creek Road and 1/2 mile east on 232nd Road.

Pudden Bridge – 6 miles southwest of Dexter on Grouse Creek Road and 1/2 mile east on 232nd Road.


Fox Bridge - Approximately 5 miles north of Cambridge southeast of 285th on 62nd Road.

Fox Bridge – Approximately 5 miles north of Cambridge on 62nd Road.

Weather Situation Reports

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05-18-17 WX Sit-Rep

Bridge Work

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None reported.