Emergency Management News

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Road Closures

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None reported.

Severe Weather Situation Reports

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No active severe weather sit-reps.

Bridge Work

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BRIDGE CLOSED!! The bridge over Crooked Creek just north of 92nd on 41st is closed until further notice. Barricades will be placed on 41st at 82nd and 92nd, but traffic is allowed to access the property north and south of the bridge.

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PREPAREDNESS – July 21, 2014

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Last week was great for those of us who like/want to work outside all the time. However, the heat is returning this week and safety precautions need to be in play once again.

Something we haven’t really stressed too much before but probably should mention now due to even more activity in our area is earthquake preparedness. The emergency kit and plan basically remain the same. However, there are certain precautions you can take now.

  1. Make sure shelves/pictures/mirrors are securely to the wall.
  2. Place heavy and/or large objects on lower shelves.
  3. Install flexible water and gas pipe fittings when possible.
  4. Store all chemicals on bottom shelves of closed cabinets with door latches.
  5. Locate safe spots in each room and go there during a safety drill.


For additional information and hints, go to www.ready.gov/earthquakes

If you have questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Cowley County Emergency Management team via email or by calling 620/221-0470 or 620/441-4569. We hope you find this and all of our information beneficial. Please encourage your family members and friends to join us on Facebook or www.cowleycounty.org/EM  for the latest tips and weather information.








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Special Days of the Week


Tuesday, July 22 – NATIONAL HAMMOCK DAY – Are you familiar with the string hammocks? They don’t take up much room in a backpack or kit but can sure come in handy when you need a place to sleep or to store things up off the ground. You could also throw a number of larger items into it and use it to carry or move things. In other words, it’s not a bad item to have available during an emergency situation because it has multiple uses.


Thursday, July 24 – COUSINS DAY/Saturday, July 26 – AUNT AND UNCLE DAY/Sunday, July 27 – PARENT’S DAY – All of these are lumped together because it’s all about family. Treat them separately or pick a day and honor/recognize them all on the same day. It doesn’t matter except this serves as a good reminder to bring family together and spend time with them. It’s also a good time to check with them about their preparedness status – review of emergency plan, is the emergency contact list valid or does it need an update.