Emergency Management Press Releases

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Cowley County Collecting Flood Damage Information


Road Closures

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The following roads are currently closed:

  • East Chestnut Bridge to US 77 Bypass due to water damage
  • 41st Road in Beaver Township from 182nd Road to 192nd Road
  • 142nd Road between 101st and 111th
  • 11000 block of 31st Road
  • 51st and 122nd intersection
  • 31st between 12th and 22nd
  • 51st between 22nd and 32nd
  • 91st Road – 27000 block due to a sinkhole
  • 5th between 102nd and 112th
  • 312th between 91st and 107th


Last Updated 6/17/19 @ 11:00am

Now You Can Text-to-911

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Did you know that in an emergency, you may not always be able to call 911? With the development of new technology, Cowley County Emergency Communications now offers you the ability to Text-to-911.

Check out their news release for all of the details.

Please remember: CALL if You Can, TEXT if You Can’t!!

For more info, pleases call the dispatch center at (620) 221-5447.

Weather Radio Beeping?

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Do you have the Midland model WR-120 weather radio? If so, are you having problems with it beeping for an unknown reason and don’t know what to do? If that’s you and you need help, click here to see if it solves your issue. If this does not, please do not hesitate to call us at (620) 221-0470 for assistance.

Weather Situation Reports

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Weather SitRep 05-20-19

Bridge Work

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None reported.