Emergency Management News

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Road Closures

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41st Road between 212th and 222nd closed for culvert replacement. Closed from Monday, April 21, 2014 through Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Severe Weather Situation Reports

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No active sit-reps.

Bridge Work

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None Reported.



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Special Days of the Week


Tuesday, April 22 – NATIONAL JELLY BEAN DAY – What? There’s an expectation there are still jelly beans to be had after the Easter Bunny made the rounds? Like Twinkies, jelly beans have a long shelf life – stick a bag of leftovers in the emergency kit in anticipation of a need for a sugar high!

Wednesday, April 23 – TAKE A CHANCE DAY – Do you feel lucky? Heavy storms are predicted for today. Do you have your plan and kit up to date OR are you willing to “take a chance?”

Saturday, April 26 – HUG AN AUSTRALIAN DAY – This may or may not be “do-able!” You could organize a neighborhood scavenger hunt to try to find an Australian. It would be good “bonding” time with your neighbors.

Sunday, April 27 – TELL A STORY DAY – Once upon a time there was a couple who ignored all of the preparedness hints and warning signs for severe weather. One day…………………………….bet you know how this story ends!!!!!



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(Cowley County Emergency Response Team)


During this fourth week of Volunteer Appreciation Month, Cowley County Emergency Management would like to honor the trained members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT was created by the Department of Homeland Security and operates under the Citizen Corps umbrella. Cowley County offered the first CERT class in 2004 and has provided training to nearly 300 citizens since that time.


By joining CERT, people from all walks of life have teamed together to volunteer in emergency situations. The initial training provides basic life skills so they can help themselves, their family, and neighbors in case of a disaster. Further training is readily available to enhance these skills and broaden understanding of how to prepare for various disasters. The group meets on a monthly basis and participates in refresher training courses. CERT members act as a team, under the direction of emergency services, to do the most good for the most disaster victims possible. CERT members also assist with local community functions by providing traffic control, conduct safety fairs, and present emergency preparedness programs throughout the county.


If you know a CERT member, please thank them for their commitment of time and training toward assisting Cowley County citizens in time of need. If you are interested in becoming a CERT member, please contact the Emergency Management office. If you would like to make a donation to the group to assist with the purchase of supplies and continued training opportunities, please do so through the Legacy Foundation, Inc.








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In recognition of Volunteer Appreciation Month, Cowley County Emergency Management would like to highlight one of the volunteer organizations each week who are involved in some aspect of emergency response. Each group has a specific purpose but all work together when emergency situations arise. The groups are Cowley County Emergency Response Volunteers, Inc. (CCERV, Inc.); Cowley County Emergency Auxiliary (CCEA aka storm spotters); County Animal Response Team (CART); Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).


All of the above groups meet on a monthly basis and engage in continual “boots on the ground” and instructional training to maintain readiness status.  In the past, Citizen Corps funds were available to finance supplies, equipment and training costs. Due to government cut-backs, these funds no longer exist. Since problem solving and crisis management are two things these groups do well, they banded together to find a solution. The solution was to form a non-profit organization to help them raise funds through donations and grants. CCERV, Inc. evolved.


Two representatives from each volunteer group plus one community member began meeting in the summer of 2013 to form a plan for a non-profit organization for all four groups under one umbrella. This group is believed to be the first of its kind in the State of Kansas. In January of 2014, CCERV, Inc. officially adopted its by-laws and elected officers. It then obtained 501©3 status by association with The Legacy Foundation, Inc. in Winfield, a move that will allow them to apply for grants and offer tax exemptions to individuals and businesses making donations. These donations can be made to Legacy for a specific volunteer group or to be divided equally among all four groups as designated by the donor.


These Emergency Management volunteer groups are dedicated to being well-trained responders, whenever the need arises, in Cowley County and beyond. To remain so, they need to raise funds for supplies, safety equipment and training. They also welcome any citizen wanting to join one or more of the groups to enhance the preparedness status of Cowley County. More information can be obtained by calling the EOC at 620/221-0470 or 441-4569 or through email at emergencymanagement@cowleycounty.org.

Did You Win a NOAA Weather Radio?

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NOAA Severe Weather Radio Distribution


Were you one of the lucky recipients of a NOAA Severe Weather Radio? Twenty radios were given away at the Tuesday, Feb. 25 presentation of “Fury on the Plains.”  If you received one of these radios, please contact Cowley County Emergency Management at 620/221-0470 or 620/441-4569 for follow-up information.  Office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.