Register of Deeds

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Cowley County, Kansas

The Cowley County Register of Deeds Office is the central location for vital records and land records for Cowley County.  The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for recording and maintaining transactions affecting real estate in Cowley County.  This includes but is not limited to; deeds, mortgages, oil and gas leases, and plats.  We also file financing statements, tax liens, power of attorney, death certificates and military discharges.

Kansas Department of Revenue SVQ Documentation

Click Here to see the State of Kansas Department of Revenue SVQ 


Action Cost
For recording deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing, for first page (not to exceed legal size page 8.5″ x 14″ $15.00
For second page and each additional page or fraction thereof of deeds, mortgages, or other instruments of writing $11.00
Recording town plats, for each page $26.00
Recording release or assignment of real estate mortgages $10.00 per mortgage + $4.00 per page
Certificate, certifying any instrument of record $7.00
Notary acknowledgement of signature $6.50
For filing notices of tax liens under the Internal Revenue laws of the United States (fee includes a $15.00 UCC filing fee provided by KSA 79-2617 $26.00
For filing release of tax liens, certificates of discharge, under the Internal Revenue laws of the United States or the revenue laws of the State of Kansas filed both print to and after the effective date of this act $26.00
For filing discharge of State Tax Liens from the Department of Human Resources $59.00
For filing liens for materials and services under KSA 58-201, and amendments thereto $11.00
KSA 60-2201 – Lis Pendens $5.00
KSA 79-2616d – Certificate $15.00
KSA 79-2616d – Copy of tax lien (per page) $1.00

 No fee shall be charged or collected for any filing made by the department of revenue as required under the provisions of the Kansas inheritance tax act, and amendments thereto.

Pursuant to KSA 28-115d: If the name or names of the signer or signers or any notary public to any instrument to be recorded are not plainly typed or printed under the signatures affixed to the instrument, the register of deeds shall charge and collect a fee of $1.00 in addition to all other fees provided in this section.

Pursuant to KSA 28-115e: If sufficient space is not provided for the necessary recording information and certification on a document, such recording information shall be placed on an added sheet and such sheet shall be counted as a page. If document is judged not to be of sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction, such document shall be accompanied by an exact copy thereof which shall be of sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction thereof and which shall be recorded contemporaneously with the document and shall be counted as additional pages. The register of deeds may reject any document which is not sufficient legibility so as to produce a clear and legible reproduction thereof.

Mortgage Registration Fee

Calculated at 15 cents per hundred dollars of the exact principal amount of indebtedness (mtg. amount X .0015= mtg. reg. fee)

Uniform Commercial Code Fee Schedule

Action Cost
Filing Form – Original financing statement (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Amended financing statement (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Continuation statement (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Separate statement of assignment (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Statement of Release of all or part of any collateral described in a filled Financing statement (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Termination of financing statement (up to 10 pages) $15.00
Attachment pages (after first 10 pages included in initial fee), per page $1.00
Search requests (must be written requests, on National Form), per Debtor Name $15.00
Copy request: a copy for any filed financing statement or statement of amendment $1.00

 *The Register of Deeds office is a recording agency and therefore cannot make out legal documents or answer those questions which pertain to legal matters.

Open Records Request

To request county records, please fill out the Open Records Request Form and submit to the Register of Deed’s Office.

Please Note

Cowley County does charge a fee to assemble requested information. This covers the cost of staff time as well as the cost of copying or reproducing the record.