Cowley County Road Closures

Road closures on this site are primarily short-term due to issues such as flooding (these will be marked as red). Our goal is to have this as current as possible, but we can only use information that has been given to us so it is possible that it may not be 100% accurate. This list is only meant to be a reference and does not replace the use of any common sense, barricades or unknown circumstances. In other words, if you experience water over a roadway or barricades (and that road is not on this list), please do not attempt to drive through the water or around the barricades. Instead, find an alternate route and report the road situation to our office at (620) 221-0470 or to the Emergency Communications Center at (620) 221-5447. 

To use, zoom in to find the road marked as closed. Click on it to receive a box that looks similar to this:   

On this icon, click the arrow on the right side to display the information. 

You can also search your area by entering your address into the box at the top of the map. 

Some closures on this map may be long term and closed for other reasons under another authority (those are marked with purple). We will provide any additional information if we have it such as a potential date to be re-opened.


The following roads are currently closed:

  • 62nd between 231st and 241st for road maintenance
  • 222nd between 85th and 91st due to culvert repair

Last Updated 3/25/20 @ 8:55am.

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