Citizen Corps

Citizen CorpsCitizen Corps is an elite network of trained citizens who take an active role in making their communities safer. Citizen Corps members help prepare their family, neighbors, and the community to respond to natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, and ice storms; manmade disasters like fire and chemical spills; threats of terrorism; and crime.

Citizen Corps members believe in:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Service Before, During, and After a Crisis

How Can I Help?

Serve as an active Emergency Service Volunteer after completion of training or by joining one of the Cowley County Citizen Corps Programs: Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), or the County Animal Response Team (CART).

Basic Preparedness:


Make a Plan

Activities such as communication, decision making, site specific emergency plans and early preparation

Make a Kit

Having the essentials for a survival kit such as water, food, air, basic supplies, clothing, bedding first aid, and important documents. It also addresses making a kit for those with special needs.

Being Informed

Be informed about different natural disasters as well as manmade disasters. It talks about key responses to hazardous materials and different disaster situations.

Program Links

Community Emergency Response Teams are people trained in basic disaster response skills which help them take a more active role in emergency preparedness.


Medical Reserve Corps coordinates volunteer health professionals, as well as other citizens with an interest in health issues, to provide ongoing support for community public health needs and resources during large-scale emergencies.


Neighborhood Watch Programs incorporate terrorism awareness, disaster preparedness training and education into its existing crime prevention mission.


Volunteers in Police Service provide support for resource-constrained police departments by incorporating civilian volunteers.