Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

The Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Program encompasses all areas of health that can be changed in order to prevent diseases and improve the overall health of individuals and the community. Along with a comprehensive clean air ordinance, which reduces heart attacks, improves cardiovascular health and reduces other tobacco related illnesses in the community, the CDRR program works on other preventable causes of diseases especially heart disease with the increase in daily physical activity and encouraging the consumption of fruits and vegetables in daily diets of the community members. The CDRR Program staff work closely with RISE Cowley (formerly the Healthy Communities Cowley County Coalition); a county wide coalition made up of volunteers from Cowley County who work on health projects and programs. The Health Communities Coalition works in close coordination with Vision 20/20 and Cowley First. Subcommittees of the Coalition work on Tobacco Use Reduction, Community Gardening and Trail Development.


RISE Cowley

RISE Cowley promotes healthy lifestyles by collaborating to raise awareness and encourage involvement for residents of Cowley County.  With help from the Pathways Grant (funded by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas), this collaboration has been responsible for lots of great new things in our area.  Some of these include updates to local farmers markets, new trails (including maps and bike racks!) around Cowley County, breastfeeding advocacy, and tobacco cessation.  Visit their website to learn more and become involved.

Tobacco Use Reduction

  • Tobacco resources to aide in quitting
  • Corporate programs and policy to reduce the amount of tobacco users in the company
  • Tobacco user/quitter support group mediation and implementation
  • Coordination with Healthy Communities: Clean Air Cowley County Coalition
  • Presentations to groups/companies. Topics include:
    • Cardiovascular disease and prevention
    • Tobacco cessation (quitting)

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Nutrition and Community Gardening

  • Assisting in resources, contacts and building community gardens
  • School-Community gardens
  • Farmer’s Market promotion
  • Coordination with Health Communities Coalition: Garden Promotion and Development Committee, Community Gardening Associations and Resource Agencies
  • Promote healthier choices in local restaurants by encouraging calorie counts in menus

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Physical Activity and Trail Development

  • Promote the use of existing trails and walking paths in Cowley County
  • Encourage park use throughout the community
  • Encourage walking school bus/bike trains at local schools
  • Active commuting to work/school
  • Coordination with Healthy Communities Coalition: Trail Development Committee
  • Support the building of new trails

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