Cowley County Emergency Response Volunteers, Inc.

Cowley County Emergency Management Volunteer Groups Become Non-Profit


The four Cowley County Emergency Management volunteer groups have joined together to form Cowley County Emergency Response Volunteers, Inc. for the purpose of obtaining non-profit status. CCERV, Inc. is now affiliated with the Legacy Community Foundation for grant writing and fund raising opportunities.

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and County Animal Response Teams (CART) were created and funded through Citizen Corps grants. That funding is no longer available. Cowley County Emergency Auxiliary (CCEA) has always been responsible for raising its own operational funds. To enhance their fund raising capabilities, the groups decided to form a non-profit organization. This will give them the ability to apply for grants and to provide tax write offs to individuals and businesses making donations. The Legacy Foundation offered its non-profit umbrella and assistance to the group. Legacy will accept and distribute donations to the groups as specified and will also administer grant funds.

CCEA was formed in Cowley County in 1978, an off shoot of the former Civil Defense. Known as the storm spotters, this group is, in part, responsible for the purchase and maintenance of their own public safety radios and safety equipment. As volunteers, they go out to track storms and report track and intensity back to the Emergency Operations Center so citizens can be given early and accurate alerts. The group also assists with traffic control and informational presentations throughout the year.

CERT, created by the Department of Homeland Security, became active in Cowley County in 2004. Members train as first responders in search and rescue; disaster medical ops; fire suppression and personal preparedness. Members of the group responded to the emergency situations of Hurricane Katrina and the Greensburg tornado.  They provide support to Cowley County law enforcement agencies with traffic control and crime scene protection, as needed. They assist with emergency preparedness presentations and take part in emergency response exercises to maintain skill level. This group has a response trailer used to carry equipment such as stretchers, cribbing, chain saws, generators, safety gear and basic first aid supplies where needed. Funding is used for training and to maintain supplies and safety equipment for the trailer and team members.

CART began an active membership drive in 2012. Prepared to assist both large and small animals during a disaster, their need for equipment and training becomes more diverse. This group is concerned with moving large and small animals to places of shelter. Their equipment needs range from collars and leashes to portable kennels to livestock trailers and feed for all rescued animals. Although they do not plan to own livestock trailers, a small mobile unit to hold basic supplies and safety equipment is on the wish list.

Donations from individuals and businesses can be made to any of the groups through the Legacy Community Foundation with specification made to organization of the donor’s choosing. A donation can also be made directly to the group through Cowley County Emergency Management. Any questions regarding need or more information about a specific group can be directed to CCEM by calling 620/221-0470 or 441-4569 or via email


CCERV By-Laws Updated July 2016