The Cowley County Appraisers office has been working on their 17% review.  We are currently working in the Silverdale area west to Summit Street in Ark City and south to the state line.  We are also working on our sales and will be in all parts of the county.  We will continue to update the web site as our field staff changes areas throughout the year.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.



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Forms and Documents

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Property Tax Calendar

 January 1  March 1  March 15  March 31
  • Real Property Valuation Date
  • Real Property Value Notices Mailed
  • Personal Property Renditions due back to County Appraiser. See penalty schedule for late filing of rendition
  • Deadline for filing Real Property Valuation Appeal
 April 1  May 1  May 10  May 15
  • Oil and Gas Renditions due back to County Appraiser
  • Personal Property Appraised Values Mailed
  • Second half taxes due for previous year
  • Second half payment under protest available
  • Deadline for filing Personal Property Valuation Appeal
  • Informal Appraiser Conferences Completed
 May 20  June 1  November 1 December 20
  • Date of completion of decisions mailed from Informal Conferences
  • Appraiser certifies appraisal roll to County Clerk
  • Mailing of tax bill to property owners
  • First half payment for current year taxes due
  • First half payment under protest

Penalty Schedule for Late Filing of Personal Property Renditions*

  • March 16 – April 15
    5% Personal Property late filing penalty
  • April 16 – May 15
    10% Personal Property late filing penalty
  • May 16 – June 15
    15% Personal Property late filing penalty
  • June 16 – July 15
    20% Personal Property late filing penalty
  • July 16 – March 14
    25% Personal Property late filing penalty
  • March 15, next year
    50% Personal Property penalty for failure to file or for escaped tax.

*Oil and Gas Penalty Schedule moves forward 15 days for each date