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Apply Now For Destination BootCamp

Destination BootCamp Application Form

Cowley First-Cowley County Economic Development, Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce and the Winfield Area Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to submit an application to be accepted into the Cowley County Community Reinvention Program.

Cowley County will be accepting and sending six business owners to Longmont, CO, to attend Destination BootCamp held September 11-13, 2018. Business owners must represent an existing Cowley County based business, generally retail or restaurant business or a business that generates consumer traffic that can feed off of other consumer-oriented businesses.  Business owners should also want to create proactive change in their business.

Jon Schallert’s Destination BootCamp is an intense 2.5 day training that teaches businesses a 14-step Destination Strategy to assess their current tactics, identify strengths, and apply new techniques to increase sales and profits. The goal of the workshop is to help entrepreneurs reinvent their business into Consumer Destinations.

Business owners from across the continent travel to Longmont to spend time with Jon and other business owners in a small group setting where they learn to transform their business. Jon has over 20 years of experience consulting thousands of independent owners in large cities and small, rural towns.

Cost for Destination BootCamp is normally $1,700 per attendee, BUT due to funding through NetWork Kansas, Cowley First and Cowley County E-Community program, local businesses have the opportunity to attend for FREE.

Applications must be submitted to Cowley First by July 1st.  Cowley First will work with the Arkansas City and Winfield Area Chambers of Commerce to review all applications and make recommendations to the Cowley County E-Community Review Committee for acceptance. The top six recommendations will then be forwarded for approval by the organizers of Destination BootCamp.

Costs associated with the Destination Boot that will be covered by Cowley First include registration and lodging accommodations. Cowley First will provide car transportation for the group to travel to Longmont on September 10th and return the 13th. If you prefer to travel separate, that is acceptable at your own expense and can join us in Longmont. Meals are provided with the exception of dinner which will be on your-own.

In addition to attending Destination BootCamp in September, all business owners are automatically in the Community Reinvention Program. CRP is designed to assist BootCamp businesses after the training and to continue to meet and work on goals. CRP businesses receive these additional benefits including:

  • Approximately 60 days following the BootCamp, Jon will travel to our community to present a 90-minute workshop and the entire community and surrounding areas are invited to attend. Jon’s workshop gives an overview of his Destination principles to the audience and is designed to focus attention on the businesses who attended the BootCamp.
  • During the follow-up visit to our community, Jon will conduct a 45-minute on-site consultation with each business owner who attended the BootCamp at their place of business.
  • During the 4-Month Program, trainings are conducted in a group conference call setting with the business owners who attended the BootCamp, the Group Coordinator, and Jon. These conference calls are conducted to reinforce the strategies and tactics taught at the BootCamp, and refocus group on their ongoing destination development goals. Each month, participants will listen to an audio Business Expert interview, complete a worksheet, and then participate in the group conference call to discuss the interview, and how it applies to their businesses. These interviews and worksheets are designed to help them improve their business after they leave the BootCamp.
  • This Program requires that the owners who attend the BootCamp return to their communities and share the information they have learned during a series of meetings beginning the month following their attendance at the BootCamp.

A $250 deposit is due with the application. This deposit will be refundable following attendance of the Sept 11-13 Destination BootCamp and successful completion of the 4-month Community Reinvention Program. If not selected, the deposit will be returned.

So, is BootCamp for you?

  1. Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your business or company?
  2. Would you like to increase customer loyalty?
  3. Would you like to increase customer traffic?
  4. Would you like to keep local customers spending with you, and not out-of-town?
  5. Are you losing sales to internet companies or large chains?
  6. Are you experiencing falling or flat sales levels?
  7. Would you like to learn how to run your business more effectively, and quit having it run you?

Then yes, BootCamp is for YOU!

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